Palamu District Profile

Palamu an Introduction

The District of palamu lies between 23 degree 50' and 24 degree 8' north latitude and between 83 degree 55' and 84 degree 30' east longitude. It contains an area of 5043.8 square Kms. The administrative head quarter is Daltonganj situated on koel river in 24 degree 3' north and 84 degree 4' east. Daltonganj has taken its name after colonel Dalton, commissioner of Chhotangapur in 1861. The distance between Daltonganj and Ranchi is 165 Km. Old Palamu District is divided in three Districts.

   (1) Palamau

   (2) Garhwa

   (3) Latehar

Origin of name

The Origin of the name Palamu is doubtful. According to on account, it is derived from the Hindi word palana, to lee and means "a place of refuse". Another suggestions is that the name is combination of Pala meaning " forst" and mu the patois is root for "dead " the whole word meaning "dead from frost", parts of the District being liable during the winter months to severe frosts . Both these explanations however must be regarded as purely speculative. Another suggestion is that Palamau is a Dravidian name, that it may be a corruption of Pall– amm –u , Pall meaning "tooth " amm (which when combined with another main assumes the form am) meaning "water". While a is kind of genitive or possessive case meaning "village", " Country " ,"fortress "etc. In support of this theory, it may be mentioned that the name is spelt Palamau is the vernacular and was originally applied to the village which was the seat of the chero chiefs, and in which theirs forts were built.


The district is bainded north by the river Son which separates it from the districts of Rohtas, and by the district Aurangabad (Bihar), on the east by the district of Chatra and Hazaribagh, on the south by the district Latehar on the west by the district Garhwa and Chhatisgarh state.