Jharkhand- Health And Services

The Jharkhand Government is determined to provide quality health care services, particularly for those in remote and difficult areas in order to reduce morbidity and mortality. Gender and human rights issues to disadvantaged groups and adolescents would be given highest priority, with the aim of eliminating discrimination in the provision of health care at all levels and in all sectors.

The State is also committed to achieving replacement level fertility and, population stabilization by promoting informed choice; widening the contraceptive choices available; empowering communities and women; involving all stake holders from the public, private, NGO, organized, and co-operative sectors; encouraging use of modern contraception particularly spacing methods.

Ultimately the goal is to reach health care to the last village, the last household and the last person in the State.

Jharkhand Rural Health Mission Society

Jharkhand Rural Health Mission Society is committed to provide accessible, affordable and accountable quality health services to the last person of the last household of the last village. The thrust of NRHM is on establishing a fully functional, community owned, decentralized health delivery zed health delivery system with inter sectoral convergence at all levels,to ensure simultaneous action on a wide range of determinants of health like water, sanitation, education, nutrition, social and gender equality. Institutional integration within the fragmented health sector is expected; to provide the focus on outcomes, measured against Indian Public Health Standards for all health facilities.


Organisations working to keep the state healthier are:

  • State Health Society
  • District Health Society
  • Organograme of State Health Society
  • Programme Management Unit
  • Village Health Committee
  • Hospital Management Society
  • State/District Nodal Officer

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