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Purbi Singhbhum district is situated at the southeast corner of Jharkhand. It has been formed after isolating nine block from old Singhbhum on 16th January 1990.From the industrial growth and mining quarrying point of view this district has leading position in Jharkhand.Before independence the entire area of Purbi Singhbhum district was part of old Manbhum district and old Dhalbhum estate.After independence it has been merged with greater Singhbhum. The total geographical area of district is about 3533 Sq. kms,which is about 2.03% of the whole state. About 53% of the total area of district is covered by residual mountains and hills consisting of granite,gneiss,schist.It is a part of Chhotanagpur plateau.The Dalma range extends from west to east covered by dense forest on the northern side.The Subernarekha river flows from west to south-east direction.The district is rich in minerals and these are found abundantly.

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