Resources & Environment - Chatra


Chatra District is well endowed with forest in an area of 22643.99, which is about 60% out of total geographical area. Forests are an important natural resource for an area. They have a moderating influence against floods and rain and thus they protect the soil against erosion. They also provide basic raw material to a number of important industries,namely furniture, match box, paper, rayon construction, railway slippers, wooden poles, etc. Moreover, the environmental benefits of the forests are not far to seek. The most unfortunate part is that the Tribal & local villagers in many areas still depend on forest as a source of firewood. They don't have any other option either. The wood smugglers and Dons still go for illegal felling of trees causing a great loss both to the people of the area and to the District exchequer simultaneously. For sake of convenience the forest produce has been classified under two heads:

A. Important large products
B. Minor / Allied products.


Important Large Products

The large important products comprise of wood for timber, such as SHISHAM, SAAL, BARGAD, CHKUNDI, BAMBOO, KUSUM, GAMHAR, MAHUA, JAMUN, IMLI, AAM ,Timber Logs, Khair (KATHA) etc.

Minor / Allied Produce

These constitute an important segment of forest asset and under this category come produces like HARA, BEHARRA, KENDU PATTA, SALL SEED, KARANJ SEED, Khajur(Palm)and MAHUA PATTA/SEED etc. As reported by the office of the DFO, Chatra, there is total ban to cut the forest tree and ban for cutting the trees by the militant outfit as this provides then to hide out, so the production of forest product could not be collected.