Chatra District Profile

Location & Geographical Area

The state JHARKHAND came into existence on 15th November 2000 as a 28th State of Union of India after being bifurcated from Bihar State, the Chatra district is one of the 24 district of Jharkhand. The Chatra district is situated on National Highway 99 & 100 km. The Geographical area of Chatra District is 3706 sq. km. The climate is generally dry with average rainfall 1234.5 mm. The temperature varies between 200 to 42.20. However due to global warming, the temperature goes high up to 440.The district of Chatra is a part of North Chotanagpur Plateau. This area is full of several plateaus, mountains and valleys, most part of district area full of forest and stones. Chatra district is surrounded by North- Gaya district of Bihar State, South- Ranchi District, East- Chatra district, West- Palamu district.


The Latitude and Longitude of district is 23.4o-24.40 and 85.26o-85.320 respectively. The average altitude of Chatra is 2012 feet above the sea level. The physiographic characteristics of the district are rich. It has waterfalls, hills, and land with avalanches. Chatra is surrounded by green forest.

Availability of Minerals

Coal, Sand, Graphite and Stones are main mineral products of Chatra district. The Coal is available in Keradari and Tandwa Block area, the CCL is engaged in mining of Coal in the district. The following table gives the details of production of major and minor minerals produced during 2010-2011: