The Vision of Jharkhand tourism is to promote travel and tourism in Jharkhand making the destinations more accessible, more attractive with many facilities and amenities for the tourists worldwide. Tourism is a central pillar of economic growth and diversification of any state. The Jharkhand Tourism Vision for future is to leverage the sector by broadening it's offering across events, attractions, infrastructure, services, and packages.

Tourism is regarded as one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries and Jharkhand Tourism has grown by leaps and bounds over last few years and is also gearing up to achieve significant progress in the field due to a many encouraging factors such as Jharkhand has vast geographical area combined with great historical and cultural heritage, which are in excellent conditions for more growth in this sector. The vision of Jharkhand tourism is to serve as a guiding force that offers a clear vision and direction for optimizing the tourism potential of this state in a sustainable manner.