Tourism will facilitate economic diversification, preservation of cultural integrity and protection of the environment of the state.

According to Government of India estimates, every one crore that is invested in Tourism creates 475 jobs compared to 126 jobs from manufacturing sector, which proves the potential of this sector. So the mission of employment is also being fulfilled.

Several other missions are:


·        To make tourism of Jharkhand more popular and worth.

·        To make the tourist spots aware to people.

·        To promote the tourism online and off line both so as to make people aware of different spots.

·        To increase the share of tourism in economy of state.

·        Promote eco-friendly and responsible tourism including a profit share to the local population

·        Helps Protect the precious environment and natural resources, which are also assets for the future of travel and tourism

·        Identify the shortcomings of present tourism situation and find out the remedy to improve it.

·        Increase the number of tourist arrivals and increase their length of stay.

·        Improve the road connectivity and transport facility to its max.