About the Department

The Road infrastructure in Jharkhand requires augmentation. Growth of population and vehicles has burdened the existing road network. This needs to be taken care of by means of maintenance, upgradation and construction.
At present, the roads in the state of Jharkhand have following deficiencies:

  • Inadequate width
  • Missing links/ Bridges
  • Inadequate Pavement thickness
  • Weak and Narrow Bridges
  • Inadequate Curves/Super Elevation
  • Poor Riding Quality
  • Deficient Traffic Safety Provisions
  • Bottle necks due to congestion and railway level crossing

The Road infrastructure of the state is divided basically into three categories -

  • National Highway
  • State Highway & Major District Roads.
  • Rural Roads & Minor District Roads.

National Highways is the primary system of roads. Similarly State Highways, Major Districts Roads (MDR) and other roads provide secondary system and the Rural Roads and Minor District Roads provide tertiary systems. The present availability of these roads is as follows:

Category of roads

Approx length (Kms)

National Highways including NH-2 (transferred to NHDP)

1844 Km

State Highways & PWD Roads including Major District roads (including urban roads)

6880 Km

The National Highways are the responsibility of the Ministry of Surface Transport,  Govt. of India. These are maintained by funding from GoI by the Road Construction Department as its "Agency". The State Highways , Major District Roads and other roads known as "PWD Roads" are the property of Road Construction Department, GoJ . These roads are maintained and developed by Road Construction Department, GoJ primarily through funding from State Budget. The other sources of funding are central assistance or other schemes like state's share in Central Road Fund etc.