Election Instruction- Handbooks & Manual



Training Module
Handbook for Booth Level Officers 
Handbook for Returning Officers (Updated 2012)
Handbook for Counting  Agents
Handbook for Polling Agents
Handbook for Returning Officers (For Council Elections)
Handbook for Presiding Officers (Updated 2009)
Handbook for Candidates (Updated 2009)
Handbook for Electoral Registration Officers (Updated 2012)
The Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act, 1952
Political Party And Election Symbol

Model Check List

Chief Electoral Officers
District Election Officers
Micro Observers
Presiding Officers 
Returning Officers & ARO (Parliamentary Elections)
Returning Officers (Legislative Assembly Elections)
Sector Officers

Manual Of Election Law (Bilingual English & Hindi)

Manual Of Election Law

Landmark Judgments

Volume I  Volume II  Volume III  Volume IV

Compendium of Instructions of Conduct of Elections

Volume I  Volume II  Volume III  Volume IV