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(a) A major pre-requisite of E.P.I.C. and in guidelines of May, 2000 is computerization of Electoral Rolls. For Jharkhand, Webel Technology Ltd., Kolkotta has been the State Level Agency. All the districts prepared checklist I on the basis of original copy of 1995 mother rolls and the supplementary added consequent upon the summary revision of 1996, 1997 and 1998.

(b) The vendors prepared hard copies of checklist-I. We handed these over to the districts to prepare checklist II by incorporating corrections, etc. The vendors prepared hard copies of checklist II. The Electoral Registration Officer(EROS), in turn, corrected and authenticated these hard copies of checklist II.

(c) C.E.O., Jharkhand, has been given responsibility for completing the Electoral Rolls and its computerized copy for Jharkhand also (Annexure-I) with the help of their S.L.A. The districts of Jharkhand are being directed to cooperate with C.E.O., Jharkhand and their S.L.A.


(d) The C.E.O., Jharkhand, has confirmed that, two copies of final print of Electoral Rolls and two sets of C.D. final print of Electoral Rolls has been given by Webel Technology Ltd. The work remains to be done:-

(i) to getting the computerized and printed data from Bihar after entry of 2000 annual summary
revision data and

(ii) after completing of entry and certification and integration of same at the level of S.L.A.